UK Resuscitation Council 2010 Guideline Changes Date

by Keith -

The UK Resuscitation Council are due to announce the changes in the 2010 Guidelines on 18th October 2010.

The rules regarding first aid have their main review every 5 years, the last change was in 2005 so the next one is this year.  There is various speculation on what the changes will be but we will not know until it is announced.

These potential changes are nothing to worry about as you can continue carrying our fist aid and CPR the way you have been trained until you do your next refresher or you update by watching the revised video when available.

When the changes are known we will put it on this blog and then change our video’s on our websites at the earliest time.

For our first aid instructors then their material will also be updated and available to download from ITG Instructor Training website at


  1. dear sir madam.can i be prosicuted for giving resucitation to an accident victim before the paramedics arrive.

  2. Author

    No you cannot in most countries as long as you act in good faith, stay within your training. CPR is very easy to learn see and you can save a life. Early CPR is vital in the chain of survival before the emergency services arrive.

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