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by Keith -

On 23rd June 2017, at around midnight, James Brindley, was fatally stabbed through the heart, as he walked home alone, chatting to his girlfriend on the phone. The attack was entirely unprovoked and the police investigation, crown court murder trial and subsequent trial in The Royal Courts of Appeal, London, did nothing to uncover the truth behind the attack. Lady Hale presiding at the appeal, summed up the attack, saying “James Brindley posed no threat whatsoever to his two attackers…”

The Brindley family have been searching for answers ever since…some of which are revealed and addressed within The James Brindley Full Circle Programme, a unique and accredited educational tool for children and young people and an assessment tool for professionals. It seeks to tackle the ‘root causes’ of youth offending head on, using an evidence based 360-degree approach. Alongside developing an individual’s awareness of both the short and long term consequences of decision making, the programme develops problem solving and decision making skills, that will contribute to a positive social lifestyle and avoid involvement in the criminal justice system. Through the use of creative methods, to encourage participants to share information, the programme gives professionals an insight into why children and young people may make certain decisions, as well as forming an understanding of the contributing factors for increased risk of offending.

The Full Circle Programme is delivered to professionals within their own working environments through the Foundation’s “train the trainer” courses for professionals, from education, health and social services, police, prison and probation services, who wish to become approved and certificated facilitators. The training provides professionals with resource and a systemised approach to the ‘root causes’ of offending, effective practice when working with participants, as well as best practice in delivering the programme in one to one ‘mentoring’ or group based situations.

The James Brindley Foundation also undertakes ‘Full Circle’ direct mentoring with children and young people, through referrals from professionals and where appropriate, uses individuals with ‘lived experience’ of youth offending.

The Foundation has campaigned for knife amnesty bins across the borough of Walsall and has received funding for the supply and installation of twelve bins, located within communities, in order to minimise travel to the bins.

Currently, the Foundation is lobbying government to provide education around the prevention of knife crime on the national curriculum. The Department For Education is reviewing Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) alongside experts in health, children’s development and safeguarding. The James Brindley Foundation believes that now is a perfect opportunity to introduce the prevention of knife crime into the RSHE curriculum, so schools can educate children in an agreed programme of consequential thinking.

According to UK Youth Justice Statistics, arrests of children in knife-related crime rose by 7% in the year ending March 2022, and 18% of all knife crime offences were committed by children (10-17yrs) and in the same year, 70% of children admitted to hospital with knife injuries had been assaulted with the weapon they were carrying.

The James Brindley Foundation, inspired by James to help others, exists to bring an end to youth violence and to help families who suffer the same pain as James’s family.

It is our aspiration that, these matters be given the gravity today, so that they can be consigned to history, tomorrow.

Find out about The James Brindley Foundation Government Petition here:

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