subtitlesIn order to make our training courses even more accessible, we’re adding subtitles to many of our course videos. We’ve started with our First Aid courses, which are now live with subtitles on the website. Over the coming months, you’ll see subtitles appear on many more of our videos. 

To access subtitles, simply click the “CC” logo. You’ll also be able to read additional information about the video’s subject, and as usual, all courses come with a host of downloads and links to support the training.

You can watch our videos on any device, so our courses are perfect for those who lead a busy life and want to learn while on the move. The best part of this extra ability, is you can pick up where you left off on another device. The ability to start and stop whenever you wish means that learning with ProTrainings can fit around your schedule.

To learn more, check out our range of online courses here:

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