Meet the S.T.A.T tourniquet. The ‘Smart Tactical Application Tourniquet’

by Keith -

STAT tourniquetMeet the S.T.A.T tourniquet. The ‘Smart Tactical Application Tourniquet’ is ideal for mass casualty incidents, as it can be applied in just 5 seconds. This helps to significantly reduce blood loss from catastrophic bleeds.


This versatile tourniquet can be used on adults, children and even animals! It’s ideal for limb sizes as small as 20mm, and upwards.


Simple and easy 5-second application means that it’s great for mass casualty incidents, as no real training is required. Clear instructions are printed onto the device so anybody can apply it.

The actual tourniquet is only small, fitting in the palm of your hand.


The device has its own ‘timestrip’ timer, that starts counting the time spent in use, once activated! This is ideal for triage as you can see exactly how long the tourniquet has been on a patient, and in a mass casualty incident, prioritise.

The automatic self-locking system (basically like a cable tie) ensures it does not come loose or fall off. This is perfect to control blood loss from a large bleed.


  • CE marked
  • Latex-free
  • Smooth edges
  • Child-proof release lever

Need to practise or teach people how to us it? We also offer a trainer version – this one is blue, to denote the difference between the training device and the real thing.  It’s a great tool to help first responders become familiar with the tourniquet for when they have to use it.

For details on video online course in dealing with catastrophic injuries and the use of Tourniquets and Haemostatic dressings contact us on 01206 805359 or visit our tourniquet site. Order your STAT click here.

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