‘SafeTea’ Combats Baby Burns Epidemic 

by Keith -

SafeTeaHot drinks are the leading cause of children’s burns. 30 babies and toddlers go to hospital with a hot drink burn in the UK every day!

The ‘SafeTea’ campaign has been set up to spread awareness of these injuries and teach the public how to avoid it happening.

We are supporting this and we’re spreading awareness of the campaign to support them and to do our bit, hoping that we can make an impact.

What is SafeTea?

SafeTea is an online multimedia intervention to help parents to prevent hot drink burns in small children and improve burn first aid.

The key messages of the campaign are:


  • Keep hot drinks away from young children
  • Don’t pass a hot drink over a child
  • Never hold a baby and a hot drink at the same time
  • Make a SafeTea zone: a safe place for hot drinks in your home, out of reach of small children

First Aid:


The campaign has been created by the Children’s Burns Research Centre, part of the UK Burns Research Network and funded by the Scar Free Foundation www.scarfree.org.uk/research/burns

Why do we need SafeTea?

Hot drink burns almost always occur at home, and most involve infants and toddlers as they are starting to become mobile and explore the world for themselves. Pulling a hot cup of tea or coffee from a surface within reach is the most common way that these children are burned. Usually, this happens in a split second and takes parents completely by surprise.

How can you help the SafeTea campaign?

It is easy to help us spread the SafeTea word! Anyone who looks after young children or knows someone who does can get involved.

1. Remember to always practice SafeTea at home and when you visit families with young children. Ask others to do the same:

  • Always keep hot drinks well out of children’s reach
  • Never pass a hot drink over a child
  • Don’t hold a baby and a hot drink at the same time
  • Make a SafeTea zone: a safe place for hot drinks in your home, out of reach of small children

2. Ask family and friends if they would know the right first aid for a burn, and let them know how easy it is: Cool, call and cover. Learn more: www.safetea.org.uk/first-aid

3. Take the SafeTea pledge and encourage others to do the same! www.safetea.org.uk/pledge

4. Follow SafeTea on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to join the #SafeTea conversation. Update your social media banners to spread awareness: www.safetea.org.uk/resources

5. Make use of these other free resources such as videos, posters and flyers. You can download them or order a printed pack: www.safetea.org.uk/resources

Should the worst happen? 

Consider taking a first aid course so you can treat burns effectively should the worst happen. Immediate and correct treatment of burns can make a lasting difference; failure to treat them correctly straight away can lead to worse scarring and blistering.

Learn about first aid for the whole family on our Family First Aid video online course or call us on 01206 805359 for details of classes in your area or other online courses.

As well has having the knowledge of how to treat burns, ensure you have the correct equipment to hand too. See our burns first aid kit here: www.first-aid-online.co.uk/Burns%20Kits


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