Risk Assessment Video Online Course Now Live

by Keith -

RiskWe have added a new online course in Risk Assessment at  www.proriskassessment.co.uk. The course can be used as a 100% online course or blended QCF.  Risk Assessing is needed in all businesses and this course covers what you need to complete and things you need to consider when planning your risk assessments.  We also offer this course as a class based course though our national network of instructors, contact us on 01206 805359 and we will put you in touch with an instructor in your area.

The course aims are to give an understanding of the importance of risk assessment and current applicable legislation, to promote awareness and understanding of what constitutes a hazard, to promote understanding of the 5 steps of carrying out a risk assessment, and to give an understanding of different control measures and how these might be implemented. By the end of this session, candidates will understand the importance of risk assessment and current applicable legislation, understand what constitutes a hazard, understand the hierarchy of controls, and be able to carry out a risk assessment.

This qualification is designed to be an introduction to the principles of Risk Assessment. It covers why risk assessments are necessary, the legal requirements relating to risk assessments and simple processes for carrying out a risk assessment.  It is suitable for learners working in any environment who need to be more risk aware by raising their knowledge of risk in the workplace and basic things they can do to control it.


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