Exclusive Restart-A-Heart Day Offers

by Keith -

restart-a-heart‘Restart-A-Heart’ Day takes place on the 16th of October every year. Its aim is to create awareness around learning CPR and basic life support – a cause we’re fully behind.

To encourage others to get the necessary training and life-saving kit needed to restart a heart, we’re rolling out three shocking deals for one week only! These offers are valid from 00:01 on Monday 14th October until Sunday 20th October at 23:59.

  • 5-10% off HeartSine defibrillators – Quote discount code “restart10” when you call or email
  • 50% off related online training – Quote discount code “restart50” when you call or email
  • £50 off a related classroom course – Quote discount code “restart discount” when you call or email

To take us up on one of these offers, you need to do the following:


Our range of HeartSine AEDs can be found here: www.first-aid-online.co.uk/heartsine-aed/. The ‘gateway’ device is also included in this deal, which enables the easy management of a defib fleet across single or multiple locations.

Online training

Qualifying courses are listed here: www.protrainings.uk/courses/13-cpr-bls-ils-als-aed/topic. These include basic life support courses which cover the use of defibrillators and CPR technique. Alongside these courses are AED-related topics such as installing a defibrillator cabinet!

Classroom courses

Lots of our online courses are available as face-to-face classroom courses. The link to these is here: www.protrainings.uk/courses/13-cpr-bls-ils-als-aed/topic. ProTrainings has over 1,000 instructors across the UK and training can be held at your location, or at an off-site location of your choosing.

You can contact us on 01206 805359 or via email support@protrainings.uk if you have any questions or want to speak to somebody to order items or book your courses.

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