Requirements for the EFAW Course

by Keith -

The EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work) qualification is chosen where the risk assessment of a business identifies the need.  It is a requirement of some jobs and an industry standard. The course is governed by the HSE and only approved centres can offer this course.

The EFAW course used to be held over 1 day and a minimum of 6 contact hours.  The certificate is valid for 3 years and then you have to take another EFAW course to renew.  The EFAW was launched in October 2009 as the HSE approved one day course to ensure course quality.  Before October 2009 the one day course was called the Appointed Persons in the workplace and this was not under the umbrella of the HSE as they just laid down the guidelines and it was up to the instructor to deliver the course so there was no real standard course.  The Appointed Persons course still has a place in the workplace as extra first aiders. To find an instructor for a statutory course see first aid junction.

The HSE recommend that all EFAW and 3 day FAW first aider complete an annual refresher course.  This can be done online at our First Aid at Work Refresher course site where you can complete the course at your pace and have access for 8 months.  You will on completion receive a certificate you can print off and a wallet card in the post.

You will also receive weekly update emails to ensure you are kept fully up to date.

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