ProTrainings will soon become responsive!

by Keith -

responsive-screens.104338We’re excited to announce that ProTrainings will soon become responsive! Perhaps you’re asking yourself what that means. Over the past several months we have been designing & optimising a new site that will respond to the size of your device. This means that you and your employees / students will soon be able to traintest, and interact with a fully functional dashboard on a mobile phonetablet, or desktop computer.

Over the past few years we have seen a significant increase in the number of people visiting our site using a mobile device. In fact, over a quarter of our traffic comes from mobile devices. Last month alone over 550 different devices were used to access our site. Our new site will ensure a user friendly experience regardless of the device one uses to interact with ProTrainings. We’ve worked hard to keep much of the functionality and layout of our dashboards the same to ensure a seamless transition to the new site.


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