Pro Blood Bourne Pathogens Video E-Leaning Course Now Live

by Keith -

The next of our European courses just went live at  This course covers the European and UK guidelines and is a good course for everyone to be aware with particularly people in the following sectors:

  • Custodial services (prisons/detention centre’s/homes)
  • Education
  • Embalming and crematorium work
  • Emergency services (ambulance/fire/police/rescue)
  • First aid
  • Hairdressing and beauticians’ work
  • Health care (hospitals, clinics, dental surgeries, pathology departments, community nursing, acupuncture, chiropody, associated cleaning services)
  • Laboratory work (forensic, research etc)
  • Local authority services (street cleaning/park maintenance/refuse disposal/ public lavatory maintenance)
  • Medical/dental equipment repair
  • Military
  • Mortuary work
  • Needle exchange services
  • Plumbing
  • Sewage processing
  • Social services
  • Tattooing, ear and body piercing
  • Vehicle recovery and repair
  • This list is not the only workplaces where a risk is present. Anyone at anytime could be at risk in their day to day life. For more information and to register go to the Blood Bourne Pathogens Training Site at


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