Pet First Aid Online Course – Learn first aid skills for your pet

by Keith -

Pet first aid is a video-based, online training course that instructs you how to care for your pet in case the animal is injured. This course is devised to give you the confidence to act quickly in an emergency while offering the convenience of learning from any computer with an internet connection.

This course is not meant to replace your vet in an emergency situation. However, it will teach you the skills you need to care for your pet before the vet is able to see the animal. For a full list of topics covered, browse the course curriculum.

Even if you have never experienced e-learning and are unfamiliar with computers, this e-learning course is simple and easy to navigate. You will complete one of the most advanced forms of education available as you are taught by an experienced instructor you can rewind, pause and resume – all while having a front row seat in the class. This kind of quality, self-paced education maximises retention of skills while letting you stay at home.

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