New Anaphylaxis for healthcare Professionals Course Live

by Keith -

Jext auto-injector for Anaphylaxis

Jext Auto-Injector

Healthcare Anaphylaxis is aimed at healthcare professionals who require a more advanced course in Anaphylaxis care.  The course covers all the same as our standard course with the addition of the special considerations that healthcare professionals face. The course is based on the recommendations for Anaphylaxis care as laid down by the UK Resuscitation Council.   The video online course can seen by clicking Anaphylaxis Healthcare.

The course covers the use of Epi-Pens, Jext and Anapen’s as well as recognition of signs, treatment, concerns and activating the EMS as well as care for the patient. We have a 100% classroom course for this and the certificate is valid for one year. To renew complete the same course again. If you would like more information on our online or classroom based training please call us on 01206 805359 or email


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