Jext Auto Injector for Anaphylaxis Treatment

by Keith -

We have adapted all our Anaphylaxis courses to include the new Jext Auto Injector. This auto injector is not a “new version of the epi-pen” it is a different brand and has a lot of benefits over other auto injectors.

  • Longer shelf life of 2 years
  • Better temperature range allowing for a more stable drug
  • Needle cover when activated
  • Comes in a case to keep safe
  • Simply put on the leg then pushed to fire the unit but could be used the same as an epi-pen if by mistake

We have added a Anaphylaxis student manual to the course which is downloaded once you attend your ProTrainings course.  The Jext is not available in all area’s yet but this is expanding rapidly across the country so both systems will be available next year and some retraining will be needed.  On completion of the ProTrainings Anaphylaxis course you will receive a free student manual, login and other features as well as a ProTrainings wall certificate/wallet card.

For more information please email or call 01223 911805

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