HaemoCap™ MultiSite is a pressure dressing. It is NOT a tourniquet

by Keith -

HaemoCapThe HaemoCap™ Multisite can be used with or without a haemostatic agent and can be applied by civilians, first responders, pre-hospital care personnel and the military. It is your extra pair of hands!

Mr Jake Timothy, Neurosurgeon and inventor of HaemoCap™ MultiSite explains how the device works and its many benefits over traditional bandages – to both the patient and the person applying the device.

HaemoCap™ MultiSite is not a tourniquet – it’s a pressure dressing ✔

Rapid Application ✔

HaemoCap™ MultiSite (Head/Neck/Limbs/Axilla) ✔

Can be applied by one person and non-trained medical staff ✔

Semi-Transparent so that the wound is visible ✔

Unlike fabric bandages, it does not draw blood from the wound ✔

Simple to remove and re-apply after inspecting wound ✔

Will not exceed 50 mmHg of pressure ✔

HaemoCap™ MultiSite is NOT a Tourniquet ✔

Works with all suction devices ✔

Can be used in the Equine and Canine sectors ✔

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HaemoCapHaemoCap™ MultiSite is a PVC medical device with a hook and loop fastener. HaemoCap™ MultiSite is to be used with absorbent dressings/gauze and a suitable vacuum pump, neither of which are supplied with the device. HaemoCap™ multisite is supplied non-sterile in a sealed pouch and is single-use.


HaemoCap™ MultiSite is indicated for applying consistent pressure to traumatic wounds and can be used in conjunction with other haemostatic agents.


  • Due to the presence of DEHP in the device, it is not recommended for use on minors and pregnant or nursing women.
  • For single Patient/Animal use only. Do not reuse, reprocess or sterilise this product. Reuse, reprocessing or sterilisation may compromise the structural integrity of the device and/or create a risk of contamination of the device which could result in patient injury, illness or death.
  • Prior to use, the packaging and product should be inspected for signs of damage. Never use a damaged product or product from a damaged package.
  • Should excess bleeding continue after 15 minutes ensure that the device is placed correctly and there is sufficient vacuum.
  • It is recommended not to replace the absorbent gauze as this could reopen the wound though apply another should it become saturated or macerated.
  • Minimise the movement of the Patient /Animal suspected of the neck or spinal injury


  • 1. Penetrative wounds where objects or debris exist in the wound and pressure could penetrate this further.
  • 2. Do not use on patients with a known sensitivity to any of the product components.
  • 3. It is not indicated for arterial bleeding.


  • Non-sterile
  • do not use if the packaging is damaged or broken
  • any used or soiled component has to be isolated from the environment
  • waste processing should follow the local procedure
  • prevention of any risk of contamination is the responsibility of the medical staff.

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