Women are less likely to receive bystander CPR than men

by Keith -

Female skin manikinThere has been a growing demand for more diversity and inclusivity in the healthcare industry in recent years. This has been particularly noticeable in using CPR manikins, which traditionally have had only male or gender-neutral appearances. However, the  PractiMan, female CPR manikin skins are now available in the UK, providing a much-needed option for first-aiders and healthcare providers who want to better prepare for emergencies involving women. Women are less likely to receive bystander CPR, so using female manikins removes the stigma in the classroom, to save more lives.

PractiMan, a leading provider of high-quality CPR manikins and training materials, has been at the forefront of this movement. Their female CPR manikin skins are made from a durable, lifelike material that closely mimics the texture and feel of real human skin. They come in a range of skin tones and feature anatomically accurate details, including breasts and nipples, to provide a more realistic experience for learners.

The availability of female CPR manikin skins is essential because women experience cardiac arrest differently than men. They are more likely to suffer from sudden cardiac arrest due to non-cardiac causes, such as pulmonary embolism, and they may present with different symptoms than men. Therefore, first aiders and healthcare professionals need to be able to practice CPR techniques on female manikins to ensure they are prepared for any situation.

First Aid Online and ProTrainings, leading online first aid training providers, have quickly embraced this new technology. Offer training courses incorporating PractiMan’s female CPR manikin skins, allowing learners to practice their skills on a more diverse range of manikins.

One of the benefits of using these skins is that they can help to reduce unconscious biases that may exist in first aid. For example, studies have shown that healthcare providers may be less likely to perform CPR on women than men, possibly due to the perception that women are less likely to experience cardiac arrest. By providing more realistic and diverse training materials, healthcare providers can become more aware of their biases and better equipped to provide equitable care.

In summary, the availability of female CPR manikin skins from PractiMan is a significant development in the healthcare industry. By offering more realistic and diverse training materials, healthcare providers can better prepare for any situation and become more aware of their biases. With companies like First Aid Online and ProTrainings leading the way in incorporating these skins into their training courses, it is hoped that this trend towards inclusivity and diversity will continue to grow.

The full range of PractiMan manikins are available from the UK distributor ProTrainings Europe and First Aid Online.  For more information, email supplies@protrainings.uk or phone 01206 809538

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