Extra funding pledged by government of £300 million

by Keith -

Holding hands ready to goDavid Cameron has pledged £300 million to help fund Dementia research and training.  There are 850,ooo people living with Dementia in the UK and this figure is expected to exceed 1 million within 10 years.

The government said a separate multimillion-pound fund would be launched within weeks to help establish an international investment scheme to discover new drugs and treatments that could slow the onset of dementia, or even deliver a cure, by 2025.

It hopes the global fund will bring together investment from the private, public and philanthropic sectors under a single scheme to pay for research projects into the disease.

It is also hoped that  assessments by GPs can be faster to diagnose Dementia and this is included in the prime minister’s challenge on dementia 2020 plans.  The prime minister first launched the dementia challenge for England in March 2012, building on the previous government’s national dementia strategy.  For more information on the virtual dementia tour or Dementia training courses contact us on 01206 805359


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