Evacuation Chairs and Training

by Keith -

Evac_ChairThere is a legal requirement for businesses to have a way of getting people with mobility problems out of a building in the event of fire. The evacuation chair is a simple way of helping someone to safety.   ProTrainings have added a course to train your staff in the safe use of the chair and we can also supply the chair itself at a reduced price.  We have a national network of instructors able to deliver the training at your workplace. 

The HSE and the Fire Safety Regulations make it clear that owners/managers of premises are responsible for evacuation procedure. It is no longer acceptable to dial 999 and wait for the Fire Service. A sick, injured, or, any person unable to negotiate stairs independently, quickly, and safely are at risk. Our Evacuation Chair features an advanced ‘tracked’ design, allowing use by one operator, reducing health and safety concerns during use, eliminating delay, and allowing smooth descent of stairs. Colleges, Hotels, Offices, in fact, any multi-level building cannot afford to be without this essential evacuation device.

If you would like more information or details of buying the chairs and our training packages, please email support@protrainings.uk or call 01206 805359.

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