Don’t Strokes just happen to retired people?

by Keith -

Don’t Strokes just happen to retired people, is a question that some students ask and they are surprised to hear that it is not just the over 60’s age groups that suffer from Strokes.  In the UK about 150,000 people a year suffer from a stoke, which is one person every 5 minutes and Stroke is the third most common death in the UK.

About a quarter of Strokes happen to younger people and it is estimated that over 20,000 people under 65 have Strokes.  Strokes can happen at all ages including children and infants.  The risk of Stroke does increase a lot with age but it is worth being aware that this is a problem that could affect anyone.  It is important to be aware of the possible chance of Stroke when caring for someone as prompt identification and care is very important. For more information on Stroke care and to see how you can help visit the Stroke Association website.

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