Dog saved by quick thinking, after drug dilemma! 

by Keith -

Pet first aidBarney the puppy is training to be an assistance dog. Sadly, last month this Westie pup ate a tramadol tablet that had been dropped by his owner.

Luckily, the owner had taken a ProTrainings ‘Pet First Aid’ course and sprung into action, turning the dog upside down and shaking him, before checking the inside of his mouth for the tablet.

“Remembering the first aid talk Keith gave us 2 years ago, I checked his pulse regularly and kept an eye on his breathing rate.

“I can definitely say that I would have panicked more, and would not have done the preliminary first aid, had I not been taught what to do in an emergency. Thank you to Keith and the others at ProTrainings for their clear teaching.”

Barney is alive and well and is continuing his Dog Aid training to become an assistance dog, caring for his loving owner.

For more information on our pet first aid courses, see here.

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