Do you have any medical or accident stories to share?

by Keith -

Do you have any medical or accident stories to share?  We are looking for stories of how you cope with medical conditions or accidents and how you have adapted to injury to inspire and teach others. Also do you have any questions that we can feature on this blog and our other sites?

You can email to them, post to our Facebook or add to this blog. Any stories welcome on any subject would be ideal.  We do not need to quote your name or details.


  1. My sister works in a secondary school, where she administers first aid where required to the children and staff. It came to her attention an incident that happened in one of the classrooms within the school, here as follows: A young teenager of large stature was sucking juice/syrup out a of a container that was very much like a roll-on deodorant, the purpose being the child rolls the plastic ball around on the tongue to distribute the contents into the mouth. The child must have bitten onto the roller-ball and it dislodged into the child’s throat, which then subsequently blocked his airway. The teacher immediately administered first aid and proceeded to endeavor to give back blows which were not helping. He then moved onto abdominal thrusts; the child by now appeared to have lost consciousness and was severely cyanosed. The teacher continued to follow the choking algorithm and thankfully the ball dislodged to make the airway clear. The child recovered consciousness, his parent was advised to get him checked out by a medical professional. The school received a phone call in the afternoon from the parent who said the child was suffering from severe abdominal pain, after investigations the child had three fractured ribs.
    To conclude, the end result was very much favorable as the child survived, with only cracked ribs. If the teacher had not been so vigilant and trained in first aid the outcome would not have been so favorable. The teacher was a large strong man, anyone slight of stature, perhaps, may not have succeeded, as the boy was very big for his age.
    As a mother of four I cannot believe there are such sweets on the market that can cause such a life threatening incident to occur.

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