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diabetes trainingProTrainings EU has launched a brand new Diabetes awareness course that learners can complete entirely online. The e-learning module-based course covers what diabetes is, the different types and how they are treated.
Worldwide, around 400 million people have diabetes. An organisation dedicated to the condition, Diabetes UK, has estimated that by 2025 more than 5 million people could have diabetes in the UK alone. A more scary fact is that 1 million are currently living with the condition undiagnosed. Somebody is diagnosed with it every two minutes in the UK and it accounts for in excess of 500 ‘premature’ deaths every week.
There are two main types; aptly named ‘1’and ‘2’. Around 90% of people have Type 2 making it the most common type by a huge margin. 8% have Type 1, and the remaining 2% is made up of other rare types.
Type 1  An autoimmune condition; the body’s own immune system attacks normal, healthy body tissue cells in the pancreas which produce insulin. This means no insulin can be produced and as a result, the levels of glucose in the bloodstream cannot be reduced.
Type 2 – Very different from Type 1, but the end result is the same. Type 2 occurs when the body becomes desensitised to insulin. People of certain ethnic backgrounds are at a higher risk of developing this, alongside those with a close relative who has Type 2 diabetes. Being overweight or obese can also increase the chances of someone developing it.
Many famous people are living with diabetes, including Nick Jonas, Theresa May and Tom Hanks. To raise wider awareness of the condition, there’s a ‘World Diabetes Day’ which takes place on the 14th of November every year.
How the course works
Learners watch a series of informative videos the complete a series of knowledge review questions. Once all of the modules have been completed, there is a final test and on successful completion, a tailored certificate (by email or if required, a printed option). Thanks to the innovative ProTrainings learning platform, students can start and stop the course as often as required across any of their desktop or mobile devices.
Course contents
  • An introduction to Diabetes
  • Myths of the disease
  • Blood sugar levels, including understanding glucose, hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia
  • Type 1 and 2 overview
  • Conditions and complications, like ketoacidosis
  • Testing blood sugars
  • Treating Diabetes, such as administering insulin and controlling diet
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The course is useful for those working in a care environment, schools or workplaces where employees or potential visitors may have Diabetes. First aiders should have a working knowledge of Diabetes and the treatment, as the condition is so prevalent that they are likely to come into contact with people that have it in this role. Lastly, those who have a family member with Diabetes may want to reassure them by understanding the disease and by knowing how to treat it in an emergency.
Access the course here:
The cost is £24.99 + VAT per learner and this accounts for 2 hours of CPD: It comes with a ‘Certified CPD Statement’, a ProTrainings certificate and an ‘Evidence-Based Learning statement’.

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