Course of the week – Fire Safety Level 2

by Keith -

building on fireFire safety is extremely important within the workplace.  Employee and employer actions during a fire could be crucial to their own safety and others within the organisation. Statistics show that most people within an organisation are not aware of potential fire hazards around them and how to deal with an emergency effectively. This course is ideal for everyone, whether you work from home or work within a business. This course will give all members of staff basic fire training to increase awareness and cooperation in the event of a fire in the workplace. Awareness will reduce the risk of fires actually breaking out and therefore saves lives.

Learning about Fire Safety will give you the correct skills needed to deal with a fire emergency should it arise and also to prevent a fire from occurring. This course can be taken as a classroom course nationally with an approved and monitored ProTrainings instructor or it can be taken online using video based learning.

If you choose our online course you will be able to view the videos for 8 months to keep you up to date with your skills and to see new videos as we add them, this access is available even after you have finished and passed your test.  We also include access to videos, weekly refresher videos emails and news updates if you are completing one of our classroom courses.  All students receive a free login area to our website where you can download a free student manual, print off your certified CPD statement and access other material.  Online students can print off their certificate online on completion and classroom students will receive an official ProTrainings wall certificate and wallet card in the post after the course.

The content of this and all our courses has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and come with a Certified CPD Statement as well as a ProTrainings Certificate and for online courses an Evidence Based Learning statement.

To book on an online course you simply register at and for a classroom course look at or call ProTrainings on 01206 805359, email on or use the online chat from any online website.

Some of the subjects covered include:

  • The Importance of Fire Safety
    • The Law
    • The Problem and How you get Harmed
  • Causes, Prevention, Training and Alarms
    • The Fire Triangle
    • Sources of Ignition
    • Active and Passive Fire Spread
    • Arson
    • Aerosols
    • Fire Prevention
    • Good House Keeping
    • Training and Staff Awareness
    • Dangers of Smoke
    • Types of Fire Alarm
  • Emergency Equipment and Response Actions
    • Fire Equipment
    • Calling the Fire Service
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Breakdown of a Fire extinguisher
    • Fire Hoses
    • Fire Alarm Systems
    • Evacuating in an Emergency
    • Fire Doors
    • Fire Blankets
    • Fire Warden Kits
    • Appropriate Clothing
    • Smoke Alarms in the Home
    • Fire Proofing the Home
    • Fireworks
  • Risk Assessment and Hazards
    • Formal Risk Assessment
    • Review of Fire Safety


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