Complete blended training to reduce the risk of infection

by Keith -

With the Covid-19 pandemic impacting on all aspects of our lives, employers, employees, and students are seeking alternative means of providing training. One alternative option for this is blended training.

Blended training is the perfect way to reduce infection risk by cutting down your time spent in the classroom, and completing part of the course online.

Blended training is a mixture of online and classroom training. Students will complete a part one segment through an e-learning course that will give them the vast majority of cognitive knowledge. Next, the student meets with a certified skill-evaluator or instructor to complete the part two segment. This contains the hands-on practical practice of the skill. The exact same practical elements are included in the course, however, because there is an online part it requires less time stuck in the classroom. The convenience of online training is undeniable, with our online courses being available 24/7 across both mobile and desktop devices.

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