CLOTTA™ lifesaving Haemostatic sponge for bleeding released early for export for Ukraine

by Keith -

We now have the life-saving CLOTTA™ Haemostat released for early export to help in the developing situation in Ukraine. CLOTTA™ will be available soon in the UK, but we now have stocks ready for immediate dispatch to send to you to then send on to Ukraine and other countries that allow unlicensed haemostatic dressings. CLOTTA™ is more effective than other haemostatic products as CLOTTA™ clots the blood and promotes the healing cascade, not just stops the bleed. CLOTTA™ is simple to use, you just put it over the injury or you can pack the wound.

CLOTTA™ is available in two sizes for fast and effective use by anyone without training.

We have launched CLOTTA™ early and at a discounted price for Ukraine export.  For larger orders, please contact us for bulk pricing.  Find out more information and order for export on our store at First Aid Online.

How does  CLOTTA™ work?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It has a long history of safe and effective use as a biomaterial in the medical industry and it is ideal for all types of bleeding from minor to catastrophic.

  • It stimulates granulation within the wound by establishing a matrix (extracellular scaffold) that attracts and helps to activate fibroblasts and keratinocytes to initiate cell repair and healing.
  • It is fully resorbable via natural cellular pathways in the body.
  • It is especially useful as a treatment for wounds that have stalled in the inflammation phase of healing, where it acts as a ‘sacrificial substrate’ to reduce the levels and activity of Matrix Metallo-proteinases (MMPs) and can then kick-start healing.
  • It also has natural haemostatic properties due to its action on platelet activation, helping to control excessive bleeding or haemorrhage in surgery and dentistry.

You can buy CLOTTA™ direct from ProTrainings Europe now for export, or pre-order for the UK from our store at, or contact us for more information on or phone 01206-809538.

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