citizenAID® Community First Aid Project

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citizenAID® are a UK charity empowering the public to save lives. Their mission is to prepare individuals, communities and organisations to help themselves and each other when there are multiple casualties, particularly from deliberate attacks.

citizenAID® Community First Aid

In times of crisis, whether it be a natural disaster, a mass casualty incident, or a sudden medical emergency, the first few minutes are crucial. Immediate and appropriate first aid can make the difference between life and death. This is where community first aid plays a pivotal role in empowering the public to save lives.

ProTrainings and citizenAID® have collaborated to develop three courses aimed at empowering the public to make a difference and save lives.

Community Free First Aid

The citizenAID® Community First Aid course is a free course aimed to teach you the basics of what to do if you come across someone in need. Find out more.

Community First Aid and The citizenAID® System

This comprehensive course is designed to keep you safe in an emergency. By following simple steps it shows how to deal with minor to catastrophic injuries. The course also includes various scenarios and videos to help develop your first aid knowledge. Find out more. 

School’s Project

This free training programme is designed for Key Stage 3 students, in a school environment. On the course, various first aid subjects are covered to encourage children to help someone in need but also to ensure that they keep themselves safe at all times and make sure that they get help. Find out more.

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