CellAED for life™ – Now available in monthly payments

by Keith -

CellAED for life™ MembershipCellAED® is your personal defibrillator for every home, business, and community.

CellAED for life™ is a membership designed to help prepare and empower you and your family to respond confidently to a sudden cardiac arrest.

Being a CellAED for life™ member is designed to give you peace of mind so that you and your CellAED® will always be ready if called into action and it also helps to provide answers after such an event.

CellAED for life™ is now more accessible to all with the convenience of monthly payments. For £12 a month, this initiative is breaking down financial barriers, allowing individuals and communities to embrace the power of this life-saving technology. Join us in creating a safer, more prepared nation—one heartbeat at a time.

To initiate monthly payments, you will need to purchase the CellAED® directly from us and then contact us to receive your monthly membership link.

Buying this membership confirms you agree to the terms and conditions.

Find out more about CellAED® and CellAED for life™ by visiting www.yourpersonalaed.co.uk

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