Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates

by Keith -

Some new data on CPR has been released by Zoll Medical.  When a cardiac arrest occurs, only half of victims will need a shock. The other half require high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). A general figure is that for every 1 minute delay in the AED arriving the persons chance of survival drops by 10%.  This figure is based on no one doing CPR.

If effective CPR is delivered then the survival drops by just 3-4% per minute.  To clarify these figures it assumes that the person has 100% chance of survival at point of sudden cardiac arrest.  This is even more evidence that effective and prompt CPR is vital for the patients chance of survival as well as effective training will teach these skills.


  1. Having attended 3 Cardiac Arrests this week it is evident that these statistics are about right.Following recent publicity on how important CPR is when faced with a casualty in Cardiac Arrest it is still surpising how reluctant people are to attempt CPR. Attending a quality training course would take away this fear and increase the chances of survival for the casualty. Pro-trainings instructors offer a range of courses that teach these skills. If you don’t know how to perform effective CPR get on a course as it may be a fami;ly member or friend that you need to help one day.

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