Behaviour That Challenges – Course of the Week

by Keith -

Behaviour That Challenges is an extremely strenuous for everyone involved and many people find it tough when confronted by a difficult situation. Trying to resolve and figure out the best techniques to use, can be just as challenging. Challenging behaviour needs to be approached in a controlled way, ensuring the recipient is managing the situation carefully, efficiently and in a calm manner. ProTrainings Europe Limited have designed this course to give a good understanding of how to assist people with such behaviour, both in your workplace and in the home.

This course is available as a classroom option only and will include scenario based activities to ensure you are confident in dealing with situations that could possibly occur. It will cover the strategies and techniques that can be used in order to help and reduce challenging behaviour.

The content of this and all our courses have been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and come with a Certified CPD Statement (4.0 hours) as well as a ProTrainings Certificate.

Occupations that use this course:

  • Carers
  • Foster care-workers
  • Childminders
  • Teachers
  • Scout and guide leaders
  • Health care assistants
  • Youth-care workers
  • Anyone working with children
  • Anyone working with disabilities
  • Introduction to Managing Behaviour that Challenges
    • Introduction to Managing Behaviour that Challenges
    • What are these behaviours?
    • Why is it a problem?
    • Challenging Behaviours
    • How common is it & why does challenging behaviour occur?
    • Child development
    • Demands
    • Challenging behaviour as a means of control & causes
  • Promoting positive change
    • Reducing challenging behaviour
    • Promoting independence
    • Early intervention
    • Summary
  • Statistics
  • Carers
  • Research
  • Control
  • Frustration
  • Mental Health Problems
  • Helping people with challenging behaviour
  • Communication problems
  • Specialist help
  • Warning about medication
    • Reduction of challenging behaviour
  • General Life Situation
    • General lifestyle & life situation
  • Diffusing a situation
    • Techniques – Talking, Comforting, Ignoring Behaviour, Deflection, Reward, Reflection, Environment, Managing an Audience, Review the Situation.
  • Managing your behaviour
    • Principles of Personal Behaviour Management
  • Summary & Aim Review

For more information, follow the link. An online Challenging Behaviour course will be available soon. 

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