Updates from the CQC: Autism and Learning Disability Training

by Keith -

Autism AwarenessThe government introduced a new requirement which came into effect as of the 1st of July 2022, this meant all health and social care providers must ensure their staff are fully trained on how to interact appropriately with people who are autistic and those who have a learning disability. You will need this training if you are registered with the CQC.

Many of us know that the CQC conduct inspections to see if staff are working with people appropriately and whether training supports and complements how staff care, communicate, and treat people in the workplace or the home. This means the CQC will include as part of their inspection the reviewal of staff training in autism and learning disability and whether providers have assessed the competencies of their staff in these subjects.

The government will consult and publish a Code of Practice, which is designed to outline the content, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of Mandatory Training. The CQC anticipate that the government will take at least 12 months to publish the Code of Practice. Until then, the CQC will continue to provide statutory guidance to keep us all informed.

The CQC have updated their statutory guidance to reflect these changes, and this can be accessed by clicking the following link www.cqc.org.uk

ProTrainings offer video online and classroom autism and learning disability training nationwide, so please contact us if this is required in your workplace on 01206 805359 or support@protrainings.uk

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