How to call for an Ambulance – 999/112

by Keith -

Calling the Emergency Services: dial 999 or 112

112 is the European wide number and also works in the UK. When you dial the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) you will be asked which service you require. Tell them ambulance, fire, police or coast guard. You will then be put through to the correct operator. If you need more than one they will deal with this.

  • They will ask you a series of questions like:
  • What is wrong?
  • Where is the incident?
  • How many people?
  • What are the injuries?
  • Your details?

As this is being asked the information is transferred to the appropiate service. Calls are rated to the nature of the injury and speed of response needed. They also ensure that the correct people are sent like community responders or air ambulance.

They will ask a series of prompted questions to help you and they are also able to offer help to you in dealing with the incident. The 999 service in the UK has improved massively over the years and it is very effective.

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