Storage Cabinet E-3034

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Storage Cabinet E-3034


The Code Red™ Storage Cabinet has been designed to fulfil all your needs for the safe and secure storage of important first aid supplies and equipment.

Two separate and lockable sections allow for ample storage. The lower section is perfect for blankets and other bulky items that need to be kept dry and dust-free, but don’t need to be visible.

The upper section, however, allows Practitioners, Nurses, First Aiders and Responders to quickly see and identify smaller products that may be needed in an Emergency.

The two adjustable shelves and the twin clear glass panelled doors allow an easily ordered stock of essentials to be visible for instant selection.

Secure vital equipment, provide rapid access, allow instant selection, maintain stock in dry dust-free conditions, and be ready for any emergency.

Additional information

Two adjustable shelves.

Secure lower section with fixed shelf.
Independently lockable compartments with keys.

Nett weight empty: 90kg.
Size:  185cmH x 85cmW x 40cmD

Item #: E-3034

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