Recommended Instructor Pack E-MB-Pro-Plus Pack

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Recommended Instructor Pack E-MB-Pro-Plus Pack

Recommended Instructor Pack to deliver FAW and EFAW qualifications

Instructors who qualify to deliver First Aid courses through ProTrainings must be equipped to meet the learning outcomes required for each qualification, this includes holding occupational competence, training in the subject and having the necessary equipment.

The Practi-Man Plus manikin benefits from all of the features of the Advanced manikin and has the added benefit of providing feedback making it ideal for teaching enhanced CPR and BLS courses particularly in the healthcare setting. Each manikin comes with its own feedback device that connects to the manikin via Bluetooth. The set up is easy, simply turn on the device and press down on the manikin chest to pair them, then you are ready to go. The device provides information on speed and depth of compression and release, giving you and your student's results that are easy to read.

The Plus Manikin Plus can also be used to demonstrate and practice the insertion and removal of OP airways by removing the airway valve. All of the Practi-Man range has a valve system that lets exhaled air vent through the back of the head, providing additional infection control and allows you to change the lungs after each course rather than between students.

The Practi-Man Instructor Kit is designed to meet the needs of first aid trainers who deliver both adult and paediatric first aid to groups of up to 12 students. The manikins fit into a quality bag that can be wheeled and the lightweight design of the manikins makes this the easiest set up for instructors to take the manikins the need to their training courses.

The unique design of the adult manikins with the child and adult settings allows trainers to take 3 of the adult/child manikins and 3 Practi-baby manikins to deliver adult child and paediatric CPR training.

What is included:

3 x CPR Plus Practi-Man
3 x CPR Practi-Baby
1 x Wheeled Bag
15 x Adult Lungs
6 x Adult Valves
12 x Infant Lungs
6 x Infant Valves
1 x ITG Recommended Instructor First Aid Kit
1 x The Act+Fast Anti Choking Trainer
1 x HeartSine samaritan PAD 500P Trainer with CPR Advisor (one per 4 learners)


During training, each student should be provided with either an individual face or face-shield to use to practice rescue breaths. The lung should be changed after each course and the valve cleaned according to the instructions provided in the manual. The face and chest skin should be cleaned in accordance with the instructions.


Product Information

Latex Free
Interchangeable Adult/Child settings
Audible clicker during CPR
Easy clean skin ideal for AED training pads
Additional torso and face skins available

Simply choose the combination to suit you.

Item #: E-MB-Pro-Plus Pack

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