Cardiac Science G5S-02A Powerheart G5 Semi Automatic AED (with 1 set of pads) (2-118)

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Cardiac Science G5S-02A Powerheart G5 Semi Automatic AED (with 1 set of pads) (2-118)

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A complete AED solution that gives confidence to both novices and trained emergency professionals to act in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. This defibrillator has been tested to military standards.

First-time users can successfully perform each critical step of a rescue with intuitive pad design, real-time instruction and feedback via voice and text prompt.

  • Clear instructions for first-time users and novices, giving the confidence to act at each critical step of a rescue.
  • Rescue Ready® technology and daily, weekly and monthly self-testing ensure the AED is always ready to use. An audible alert sounds if any issues are identified.
  • Easy to follow voice and text prompts ensure proper compression rate and depth when performing CPR.
  • Fast shock times (typically) within 10 seconds post CPR.
  • Rugged design with high protection rating for a variety of situations.
  • Non-polarised pads can be placed in either position with clear graphical directions of where to place the pads and easy-pull tab for positioning on the patient.
  • Quickly interchangeable pads.
  • Customises energy level needed depending on the analysis of each patient. If more than one shock is necessary – increases shock energy to a higher level
  • Downloadable, easily viewable rescue data (shocks and ECG information) via PC or USB.

Also available as a fully-automatic defibrillator

Suitable for: Workplaces, transportation, sporting venues, schools, retail, hotels, places of worship and public places


Defibrillator, battery, pair of defibrillation pads (adult), defibrillator manager software, defibrillator manual, getting started card and steps to rescue guide


  • Automatic
  • Manual override: No
  • Screen: Yes
  • ECG display: No
  • ECG capability: Can be downloaded via AED manager software
  • Voice prompts for AED and CPR: Yes
  • Battery: Lithium – 4-year replacement guarantee
  • Pads/electrodes: Adult non-side specific pads – 2-year shelf life
  • Pads pre-connected: Yes
  • Energy selection – adult: 95 – 354 Joules
  • Infant/child capability: Yes, using infant/child pads
  • Energy selection – child: 22 – 82 Joules
  • Self-tests: Yes
  • IP rating: IP55
  • Drop abuse / tolerance: 1 metre
  • Guarantee: 7 years
Brand: Powerheart G5 Defibrillator
Item #: 30-00631

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