"K1 Hand Held Pulse Oximeter - TDM-PO-300K1"

£155.00 + VAT

"K1 Hand Held Pulse Oximeter - TDM-PO-300K1"

  • LED display, Sp02, PR, pulse bar
  • Adjustable audible/visual alarms
  • Rubber on casing provides protection
  • 100 ID set-up
  • Low battery indicator
  • Supplied with batteries (2 x AA)

The K1 handheld pulse oximeter is a reliable and robust unit offering an affordable solution to Sp02 monitoring.

Having a separate fingertip sensor to the main unit allows a larger display and it is easier to use and monitor.

Pulse Oximeters are a simple easy to use item that simply and painlessly clips on your finger to monitor the amount of oxygen in your blood. It works by shining a light on your finger to get a reading in seconds.  This is a basic unit but it does everything in the same way as more expensive units and it is very accurate.

We also offer a basic fingertip pulse oximeters and a higher specification handheld pulse oximeters.

Brand: TDM-PO-300K1
Item #: TDM-PO-300K1

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