Hydrofluoric Acid Treatment Kit

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Hydrofluoric Acid Treatment Kit

Hydrofluoric acid is highly corrosive and toxic even in a diluted form. It can cause severe skin and eye damage and cause severe an extremely painful burns which can leave long-term scarring with bone and tissue damage.

The dedicated Hydrofluoric Acid Treatment Kit contains all the critical items required to treat Hydrofluoric Acid burns, such as Calcium Gluconate Gel which helps to neutralise the powerful fluoride ion, and sterile wound dressings to reduce the risk of infection; whilst providing a suitable level of protection for the first aid responder.


2 Bandages, Conforming 7.5cm x 4m
2  C-Gel Calcium Gluconate, 40g
2 Dressings, Low Adherent 10cm x 10cm
2 Nitrile Gloves (Pairs)
1  Shears

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