Economy Sani-Manikin Adult manikin - 100-2144 1-071

£143.95 + VAT

Economy Sani-Manikin Adult manikin - 100-2144 1-071

Economy Adult Sani-Manikin without Carry Bag

Ref: 2144, Dimensions: 51x38x20

This lifelike CPR manikin offers a realistic, affordable way to provide each student their own manikin. Designed with the instructor in mind. The simple face shield lung system means no cleaning, no disinfecting, and no disassembly required. Just pack and go!

Manikin features: realistic head tilt, single-use airway/lung/face shield system, simulated chest rise, palpable landmarks, and xiphoid process for reference in hand placement. The manikin is light in weight, yet durable for extended training life.

Brand: Saniman
Item #: 100-2144
Shipping Weight: 128.0 oz

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