Canine Disinfectant Wipes for Dogs & Owners Jumbo Aqueos 200 wipes - IN STOCK

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Canine Disinfectant Wipes for Dogs & Owners Jumbo Aqueos 200 wipes - IN STOCK

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The Aqueos tack disinfectant wipes are a 2 in 1 product which includes a cleaner with our disinfectant solution. It kills 99.999% of viruses, bacteria and fungi and keeps tack and equipment germ-free.  As the solution does not contain alcohol, it will not dry out leather.  It can be used on synthetic tack and used to clean irons and bits too.  It easily removes dirt, grease and sweat as well as disinfecting.  As our solution continues to work after application it helps prevent the build-up of any mildew or mould if tack is kept in damp conditions.

This product complies with the EN 14476:2013 +A1 2015 standard and is effective against all enveloped viruses including all coronaviruses.  It has also been independently tested against strangles and ringworm.

This is a great product to use at home or take to competitions and a useful aid in livery yards or riding schools where multiple people could be handling tack or equipment.

The wipes are on a long roll, so you can pull off as many as you need at a time.

You can use them on your hands too!

  • Contains approximately 200 wipes
  • Kills bacteria, fungi & viruses
  • Powerful,& fast acting
  • Carries on working after application
  • Effective deodoriser including fox & badger smells
  • Alcohol & bleach free
  • Non-sticky & fragrance-free
  • Non-irritant
  • Perfect to wipe down dogs, including ears, faces & paws
  • Use to disinfect hands, equipment or any surface
  • Tested to EN1276, EN1650 & EN14476
Brand: Aqueous
Item #: E-AQC6200

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