Bsi First Aid Kit Premier Small Catering (E-QF2211)

£15.95 + VAT

Bsi First Aid Kit Premier Small Catering (E-QF2211)

Containing the same unique all-blue content, the specification of these kits comply in full with the BS8599-1:2019 Standard.

For businesses or workplace areas where the colour of the container is not a consideration, the Essentials Range provides an economic and effective alternative.

Low risk 1 kit per 1-25 employees
High risk 1 kit per 1-5 employees

Supplied in a Premium box


1 x Bandage, Blue Conforming
2 x Bandages, Blue Triangular
1 x Dressing, Burn
2 x Dressings, Blue Eye Pad
2 x Dressings, Blue Finger
2 x Dressings, Blue HSE Medium
2 x Dressings, Blue HSE Large
1 x Foil Blanket, Adult
6 x Gloves, Blue Pairs
1 x Guidance Leaflet
40 x Plasters, Blue Assorted
1 x Resuscitation Face Shield
1 x Shears
1 x Tape, Blue Microporous
20 x Wipes, Blue Cleansing
Items may vary slightly but of equal value.
Item #: E-QF2211

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