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To the family of an elderly person, nothing is more important than the care and treatment of their loved one. That is why ProTrainings provides training and service specifically built for the care industry. Our tools allow administrators to focus on their core objective of providing quality care to their residents while ensuring the highest training standards for care takers.

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Video-based e-learning is a terrific jump from slide-based e-learning. Don't mistake our training for a bunch of dull slides that trainees flip through rapidly as possible before taking a pointless and ineffective test. Instead, imagine a student with a world-class instructor on their best day, 1 on 1; training that comes in short subject-based segments with questions immediately afterward confirming comprehension; followed by a test that not only challenges but remediates the student when necessary.

Compliance management is a big job. ProTrainings makes it easy with training management tools that give managers a superb level of control over the training — not only reducing the total cost of training but reducing the time spent organising courses for trainees. All for no fee.